Film reviews in English

Les élèves de terminale bac pro TU ont visionné le film "RACE" et ont écrit des critiques en anglais.

The movie « Race » is a biopic with a pun on the word race: sport and human race. The French title is “La couleur de la victoire”.

The story takes place under the IIIrd Reich. Jesse Owens, a black American athlete is training to go to the Olympic games. He managed to qualify for the Olympics but will he win the games?

It’s an interesting film and it’s full of emotion, it’s a true story.

Corentin, Adrien, Victor TTU


It was a wonderful film because it’s about Jesse Owens’s life. He was an Afro-American athlete who won 4 gold medals and was a legend.

The movie was moving because Jesse was close to Larry his coach. His victory was not only in sport but also against society.

Arnaud, Quentin, Pierre-André TTU


The movie « Race » is a biopic about a black athlete who won 4 gold medals in Berlin in 1936. “Race” is a beautiful movie which highlights the issue of segregation in a lot of countries in Europe and the USA. It conveys a message which inspired the people who fought for equality.

We found the movie really motivating and eye catching.

It’s a true story, so it’s more interesting and moving because we saw the truth about the feelings of black people in this society.

We witnessed a wonderful friendship between the two main characters. It shows the reality of segregation and the feelings of rage of the character and his need of freedom and escaping society and its rules.

And when he was running he was feeling free.

We recommend this movie to any fan of sport.

Lucas, Joric, Anais, Natacha TTU