Voyage des 2GT en Ecosse

Edimbourg ses musés, son château, sa météo changeante, Glasgow, les élèves racontent leur English, please !

1.    Saturday 5th March

Day 1 : The first day, we spent 10 hours on the road in the bus, which was very long. After the bus, we went into the ship to stay overnight. When we arrived on board we found that the landscape was very beautiful. We could hear sea gulls and the sky was blue. Then we discovered our rooms, which were small but comfortable. We visited the ship, it had 6 floors and a restaurant. We went to the different decks and outside the sceneries were beautiful. We ate on board, at the restaurant called ‘Seven Seas’, and after the meal we felt seasick.
We arrived at Newcastle in the morning and we spent another three hours in the bus before reaching Edinburgh.
Our best time was on the boat despite seasickness because it was very funny and it was the first time we slept aboard a boat.

By Cloé, Camille and Marion.

2.    Sunday 6th March :

We finally reached Edinburgh in the afternoon and we went to the Camera Obscura Museum. It was a fantastic museum with awesome optical effects. We saw 3D effects, mirror galleries and the best for us, a tunnel. The goal of the tunnel? You cross it and with the optical effects, you feel like you’re walking down a steep way.
When we went to the meeting point, we met Paula, our hostess, and it was snowing. She was very kind with us and we were very comfortable in her house, which was pretty nice.
Today we have learnt many things : First, don’t trust the weather because it can easily snow even if the sun has been shining before. Second, don’t trust your eyes, optical effects can deceive you. Finally, sleeping on a ferry is hard because you may be seasick !

By Clément and Lucas

3.    Monday 7th March :     

We woke up at 7 o’clock then we had breakfast and we got ready to leave to the meeting point.
Then we went to the new town of Edinburgh and a guide delivered a commented visit of the new and the old city. We have learned a lot of things during this visit :
-    Scotland became part of the United Kingdom in 1707.
-    The main street of the new city is George Street, because George was the King.
-    The buildings of the new city are mostly Georgian style.
-    According to a legend, the flag of Scotland was created after a battle.
-    Edinburgh is the capital city of the judiciary system of Scotland.
-    The other names of Scotland are Alba and Caledonia.

Then we went to the Edinburgh Castle, and we could visit freely.

By Valentin, Marc, Melvin, Lucas.

4.    Tuesday 8th March :

Today we were in Glasgow. In the morning, we visited the Riverside Museum of Transport, where there were old cars, war ships, buses and tramways.
We could get into an old 18th-century ship, we could see the cabins, the captain’s cabin, the rudder and the sails.  
At noon we had lunch before the People’s Palace that we visited in the afternoon. We had a walk around the park before visiting the Palace. In this building you could learn more about the way people from Glasgow have lived since the 18th century, there were items concerning clothing, activities, and games.
After the visit we left to downtown Glasgow for some free time. We visited a computer shop and a shopping mall.
We found that Glasgow was a pretty town but there were a lot of wastes. We really enjoyed the day.

By Timothé and Maxence.

5.    Wednesday 9th March

This morning we formed two groups. The first one started the day with the visit of Mary Kings Close and the second visited the National Museum of Scotland.
In this museum you can find a lot of things from different countries. It was very interesting because there are a lot of things like educative games.
Mary King’s close is an underground city, we had a guide to explain us what it was like. He told us that in the past, people threw their excreta through the windows and it flew into the street which was sloping down to the lake. He also said that the Black Plague killed half of the population there. There existed two different plagues, the pneumonic and the Black plagues. The houses where people were infected by plague were whitewashed.
This visit was very interesting too.
In the afternoon, we visited a ship, the Yacht Britannia. It was Queen Elizabeth’s Boat, it is beautiful and huge with different floors and decks.
We loved this day, it was very interesting and we took many pictures.

By Camille, Chloé, Sharleen and Léa.